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Car Sizes Through The Years
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One of the great joys of living in Los Angeles is the wide variety of cars you see on the road. It provides a great contrast, especially when comparing between generations.

For example: a while back, news director Keith Buglewicz was driving down the freeway when he found himself behind a 2013 Ford Mustang, and its 1967 fastback equivalent. The modern Mustang dwarfed its predecessor in every dimension; comparatively speaking, it was mammoth.

Not all at once, that’s for certain. As the design of vehicles has evolved over the years, so has their sizes. Modern cars have inevitably grown longer, taller and wider over the years, thanks to the introduction of new technology and safety requirements. For most cars this growth is significant; for others it’s borderline astounding. We’d be quick to say that today’s automobiles are safer, faster and more comfortable than ever, so it should be no surprise that they’re bigger, but we would have never thought they’d be this much bigger. Draw a before-and-after comparison, and the last several decades reveal quite the spurt of growth in our favorite automobiles.

In fact, that’s what we’ve done here, literally. From the Honda Civic to the Ford Explorer, and some of our other favorite cars in between, check out this infographic we’ve put together to how much car sizes have changed over the years. Feel free to geek out over all the changes and similarities in the design language for each car—there’s a bunch—and try to imagine yourself sitting in and driving one of these older (or newer) models.

My How BIG Our Cars Have Gotten!