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Car insurance policies
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It is a legal requirement for all cars that do not have a SORN (statutory off road notification) to be insured. This applies even if the car is kept on private property and never driven on the public highway. However there are different levels of car insurance – you can find quotes at Endsleigh.co.uk car insurance – and we will examine how each of them protects your car.

The lowest level of car insurance is third party insurance, and having this is the basic legal requirement.  In fact at this level your car itself is not protected. What is protected is your liability to third parties.

If you are involved in an accident, and anyone other than yourself, including your passengers, suffers injury, then compensation will be available to them through your third party insurance. Similarly their property is also covered. However neither you nor your property is insured.

The next tier is third party, fire and theft. This includes all that is covered under third party insurance plus you are insured should your car be damaged or destroyed by fire and in the event of it being stolen. You are also insured (up to specified limits) should your possessions or the possessions of your passengers be stolen from your car.

The third tier is comprehensive cover. It includes everything that is covered in the first two tiers described above and it also covers you for compensations for injury and for any damage to your vehicle even if the accident is your fault.

You should bear in mind that there are many variations to the type of comprehensive cover that is available. For instance the insurance company might provide you with a courtesy car during the time yours is off the road; if might provide cover for any legal expenses; and it might include some form of breakdown cover.