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Audi A3 VS. BMW 3 Series
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2013 audi a3

When looking for a new or used car and you find two similar cars that you like the look of, it can be hard to choose which one’s the best straight away. To try and differentiate between the two, you look for any advantages and disadvantages one model has over the other. It takes a lot of thought to choose the right car, and if you’re faced with choosing from two similar cars, you find that it’s only small differences which lead you to choose one in favour of the other.

The Audi A3 and BMW 3 Series are two cars with plenty of similarities. Both being high-quality small family cars, made by two of the biggest names in German motoring, you’d think that there’s very little between them. However, people wanting to buy either a used BMW 3 series or used audi a3 from Auto Trader may notice a few subtle differences which may influence their decision on which they feel is the better car.

With the A3, you get plenty of space, comfort, safety and functionality. On top of that, you get performance, especially with the Sportback and its 1.6L engine. New entry-level models tend to be sold for around $40,000 or $50,000, while used models from around 2009 retail at the $30,000 price mark, which sounds like great value. However, does it stack up when compared with its BMW rival?

2012 bmw 3-series

The 3 Series has most of the same features, and is just as family-friendly. Also, when it comes to performance, there’s very little difference, but when it comes to value for money, it just falls short. A new model will typically sell for $60,000, which makes the Audi A3 seem a little less expensive. For many families looking for a new car, they will look at the price tag first, and that amount seems beyond the means of many of them. However, used models from 2008/09 sell for much, much less, which means that there are bargains to be had.

If you had to choose which car was better, the A3 would win narrowly, mainly because of its price tag. Also, it has more or less the same capabilities as the 3 Series, and its fuel economy is slightly better, meaning that those who buy a new or used A3 will get more bang for their buck.

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