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2013 Lexus RX facelift leaked brochure
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The photos of the 2013 Lexus RX that we provide under this article, it has been scans from a leaked brochure of the Japanese market. In terms of style, the 2013 RX inherits many features from the 2 models GS and LF-LC.

The refreshed 2013 RX has adopted a new front fascia with a “spindle” grille and headlamps sporting LED daytime running lights and a redesigned front bumper.

Almost everything basically stays the same, but the crossover does sport a revised rear-end. Other elements include a spoiler kit, tinted lights and larger alloy wheels on the outside, plus a sports steering wheel, seats and trim including alloy pedals on the inside.

You can story references: Minkara (language Japanese).

Photo 2013 Lexus RX

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