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2013 Kia K9 sedan unveiled the first sketches
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While the South Korean automaker has yet to confirm the 2013 K9, the first official sketches and details on its upcoming proposal in the in the large sedan segment has revealed. The 2013 KIA K9 is set to be introduced in the Korean market sometime in the first half of the year, it won’t just be limited to the domestic market.

It is known internally by the codename KH but we expect it to be called the Kia K9, and will go on sale in Korea by June this year with launch timings for other markets including North America to be confirmed at a later date.

No images of the interior were released but the styling of the car draws its inspiration from the theme “distinctive, modern and classic,” featuring the automaker’s family-look radiator grille and modern, tapered-back headlamps. In addition, Kia added that the K9 will be equipped with the latest technological gizmos.

“Although launch timings for overseas markets are yet to be confirmed, this all-new rear-wheel drive large sedan will definitely become the leading model of our line-up around the world, showcasing the best of the best of Kia,” Lee said.

According to our predictions, the KIA K9 is likely to come with a V-8 engine matched to an eight-speed, or possibly even a 10-speed, automatic transmission.

Photo 2013 KIA K9

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