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2013 Kia K9 sedan officially revealed in Korea
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2013 Kia K9
2013 Kia K9

After we shared with you a the first official sketches of the 2013 Kia K9 in the last week. And now the Kia has revealed the first official photos and details for their all-new K9 sedan in Korea, internally it is codenamed the KH.

The 2013 Kia K9 is designed on a new large, line to give a feeling of spaciousness, a H-shaped grille, the reverse lights incorporated into the chrome trim on the boot, that is flanked by a set of LED headlights.

“K9 is our first rear-wheel drive large sedan, created without compromise in its design, driving performance and new technologies,” said Soon-Nam Lee, Kia’s overseas marketing chief, “This all-new rear-wheel drive large sedan will definitely become the leading model of our lineup around the world, showcasing the best of the best of Kia.”

Unfortunately, Kia did not release any additional information about engine or a price. It is expected, a starting price for the 2013 Kia K9 is $58,750. Look for the rest of the details live from next week’s 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Photo 2013 Kia K9

2013 Kia K9

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