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Nissan 370Z NISMO RC available orders
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Of course, the Nissan 370Z is an outstanding sports car for any enthusiast. But Nissan has announced it is expanding its 370Z lineup to include a model made specifically for the track. And Nissan Motorsports has anounced the Nissan 370Z NISMO RC race car is now available for customer order.
Based on the street-legal Z car, the 370Z NISMO RC is significantly lighter weighing in at 2,954 lbs (1340 kg). It is equipped with an FIA-compliant roll cage, fire extinguisher system and racing seat. In addition, Nissan claims that with minor changes the car can be adapted for use in the Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge GS class with some modifications.
Weighing just 2,954 lbs, Nissan 370Z also features a NISMO race exhaust, NISMO tuned ECM, high capacity NISMO clutch, flywheel, transmission and differential coolers and a Recaro racing seat with 6-point racing harness. There’s also a roll cage, fire extinguisher, Sparco steering wheel and carbon-fiber switch panel. The factory 3.7-liter V6 engine is rated at 355 PS (261 kW / 350 bhp) and 276 ft. lbs. (374 Nm) of torque. Numerous hose and connector upgrades have been added to meet the rigorous demands of track use.

Interested parties can contact Nissan Motorsports at (888) 833-3225 or email nmc.race@nissan-usa.com.

Photo Nissan 370Z NISMO RC


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