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New Toyota FT-86 through leaked Japanese brochure
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New Toyota FT-86 have leaked photos be taken from a Japanese brochure to the web, ahead of its unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show. The brochure mentions no technical details of the production car, but shows plenty of the exterior and interior.
If these scans are indeed real, then Toyota has once again altered the exterior styling of the FT-86. Inside, the cabin is relatively straight forward with simplistic gauges, minimal controls and a basic design. Notable highlights include two-tone seats, a prominent center console and a massive steering wheel.

The new Toyota FT-86 is small and light, with a length of 4.2 meters, a width of 1.77 meters, a height of 1270 mm and a wheelbase of 2570 millimeters. There’s no technical data but the FT-86 is expected to feature a 2.0-liter Boxer engine with approximately 200 hp (149 kW / 203 PS).

Photos New Toyota FT-86