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Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class SUV to build at Alabama plant
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Parent company Daimler has announced it will invest $350 million to produce a fifth Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class SUV model at its factory in Vance, Alabama, starting in 2015. The investment will create an additional 400 jobs at the plant.
Earlier this year, the fifth model is a coupe-like version of the M-class SUV that will likely be called the MLC, based on the M-Class, which will be a new vehicle to rival the BMW X6 in the marketplace. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said in a statement that the new model for Alabama will be one of 10 additional vehicles Mercedes-Benz will roll out over the next four years.

Daimler had already announced an investment more than $2 billion to expand production in the Tuscaloosa plant earlier this year. The spending includes plans to produce the Mercedes C-Class compact car at the Alabama factory beginning in 2014. The plant already produces the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and GL-Class SUVs and the R-class crossover.

Via: autonews.com

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