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2013 BMW 4-Series Coupe spy shots
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Last week, the 2012 BMW 3-Series F30 has created new winds for brand German luxury car. Now, these are the very first spy shots of the upcoming coupe version of the new 3-Series F30 rumored to be named 2013 BMW 4-Series Coupe.
This is a very early prototype, so it doesn’t reveal much about detail. But these latest spy shots, showing the coupe wrapped in a 1990s magic eye-like disguise, suggest the silhouette will be familiar to current 3-Series coupe patrons whilst blending in elements from the new 3-Series (F30) saloon. Frameless side windows, bespoke, bodywork and a more aggressive front end with the new-style exposed, three-dimensional BMW double kidney grille are the styling highlights.

 The engine range will more or less mirror that of the 3-Series four-door with plenty of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines to choose from. Among other available powerplants, will be a selection of turbocharged four-cylinder petrols including a 1.6-liter unit for Europe and a global 2.0-liter with up to 240HP at launch and a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six petrol with 300HP (306HP in the EU). Transmission options will include six-speed manual gearboxes and an eight-speed automatic while BMW will eventually offer all-wheel drive variants as well.
Photos 2013 BMW 4-Series Coupe


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