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2012 Honda Civic Hatchback price 25.701 USD
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After the introduction of 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback in exhibition 2011 Frankfurt in between September on the past, Honda has quickly announced the price and the original equipment. Accordingly, customers can purchase 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback now and get car in January next year with prices starting at 16,495 pounds ($ 25,701).
The British market, Honda Civic Hatchback 9th generation will be offered three engines and four copies of equipment. Price for 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback start at £ 16,495 ($ 25,701) for the 1.4-liter gasoline equipment. The 2.2-liter diesel costs £ 26,595 (about $ 41,439).

2012 Honda Civic Hatchback entire line are driving modes provide ECON, similar engine management on both Jazz hybrid and Insight hybrid to save fuel. In addition, 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback is equipped with the system stop/start automatic versions of the gearbox floor.

The lowest SE version comes with 16 inch alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, USB port for MP3 player and gasoline 1.4-liter 100-horsepower capacity. If using a 1.8-liter engine capacity of 140 horsepower, 2012 Honda Civic SE will cost £ 17,995 ($ 28,038). More advanced equipment is Honda Civic SE equipped diesel i-DTEC 2.2 liters, 150 horsepower worth 20,095 pounds (about $ 31,311).

Monday is the ES version starts at £ 18,995 ($ 29,597) with a 1.8 liter gasoline. The number corresponds to the ES equipped with 2.2 liter of oil is 21,095 pounds ($ 32,869). Compared to the SE, 2012 Honda Civic ES adds leather-wrapped steering wheel, air conditioning two areas, the system Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control system with speed limits, headlights and windshield wipers automatic, rear parking camera with stereo six speakers.

The third version is the EX with leather seats, heated front seats and audio system, HDD navigation system. Price for 2012 Honda Civic EX starting at £ 21,745 ($ 33,881) with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine. Meanwhile, the EX equipped with 2.2 liter diesel engine owned price $ 23,845 (about $ 37,154).

Finally and most advanced version of the EX GT. With spending money is £ 24,495 ($ 38,166), the customer will own the 2012 Honda Civic EX GT comes 1.8-liter gasoline engine, opening doors and boot without keys, parking sensors front/rear , bi-xenon headlights, Panorama sunroof, privacy glass, self-dim rearview mirror with 17 inch alloy wheels. The selling price for the 2012 Honda Civic EX GT 2.2-liter diesel is 26,595 pounds ($ 41,439).

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