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2012 Ferrari California will start production in January
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Company Ferrari proved Ferrari California was a major sales success, not only did it boost the brand’s sales but it also succeeded in its original goal. Now, according to CAR magazine, the new 2012 Ferrari California will be more powerful, lighter and with a smattering of new tech to give it a second wind in the U.K market.
The model will have an optimized ECU and a new exhaust system. The direct-injection 4.3-litre V8 is upgraded with an extra 30 horsepower, taking the total to a pretty serious sounding 483bhp. Torque swells, too, up to 373lb ft – and it’s a higher plateau across the board. Besides being more powerful, the California is expected to drop approximately 30 kg (66 lbs) for improved performance.

The exterior styling will remain virtually untouched, but the cabin will likely feature an updated infotainment system. The in-car entertainment system has a bigger hard drive – now 40GB, up from 30GB – and it’ll sync seamlessly with your iPhone 4 or Galaxy smartphones.

Photo 2012 Ferrari California

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