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New Hyundai i30 hatchback 5-door
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In Frankfurt 2011 exhibition held in mid-September, Hyundai i30 will be officially unveiled the new generation. Bring on style 5-door hatchback, Hyundai i30 will be a competitor for Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Renault Megane in the European market.

Compared with current version, the new Hyundai i30 feels very new and somewhat more unique. In the U.S., model Hyundai i30 small car known as Elantra Touring. Staying faithful to the language design flow similar “brother” Hyundai i40launched not long ago, Hyundai i30 equipped with trapezoidal grille, a large headlights and road hugging nose veins bulging sides.

Inside, the Hyundai i30 also offers interior space is designed in the same style as the new models Veloster. Typically, clusters of clock and center console stand out. Expected to provide power for the car Hyundai i30 5-door hatchback is version gasoline and diesel four-cylinder, save fuel efficient.


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