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New 2012 Toyota Avensis improved design
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In recent years, Toyota’s continuous improvement and the introduction of new generation vehicles. Typically the 2012 Toyota Yaris and 2012 Toyota Camry. To date, new 2012 Toyota Avensis released upgrade version.
As one of the best-selling model in Toyota’s European market, 2012 Toyota Avensis is divided into two versions, sedan and wagon covers. Process design and development of 2012 Toyota Avensis took place in Europe. Under the plan, 2012 Toyota Avensis assembly line will be located in Burnaston factory, England.

About styling, 2012 Toyota Avensis only some small changes. Specifically, the new grille, headlights integrated LED lights, fog lights and a new set of alloy wheels. Inside, Toyota provide to Avensis satellite navigation system touchscreen Touch and Go Plus new. In addition, Toyota also promises a new interior color and higher quality for the 2012 Avensis.

Power supply for 2012 Toyota Avensis is diesel engine block D-4D turbocharged 2.0-liter capacity. The engine only the amount of CO2 emissions at 119 g/km. Temporarily, the fuel consumption of 2012 Toyota Avensis has not been announced. All engine versions for upgraded Avensis will accompanied 6-level manual gearbox.





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