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2013 Hyundai Eon “super cheap” in the Indian market
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In October next, model small cars Hyundai Eon “super cheap”, will formally introduced in the Indian market. The source of The Economic Times said Hyundai Eon will carry on his design “sculpture flow” familiar of Hyundai family.
Hyundai Eon also promises to change the standard equipment of the small car market in India. Specifically, Hyundai Eon will be provided with features usually found on larger cars such as air bags front/side, do not need keys to open doors, windows, electrical control, fog lamps and two-tone interior.

Mr Arvind Saxena, marketing director of Hyundai India “confirmed” do not have cars capable strength compete with Eon. Although small but Hyundai Eon brings extensive interior space for the user.

Developed at Hyundai’s research center located in South Korea and India during the past 4 years, Hyundai Eon get energy from the engine block 3-cylinder, 814 cc capacity completely new. The engine produces 56 horsepower output at 5,500 revolutions/minute and maximum torque of 7.6 kgm at 4000 rpm/min. Not only that, the Hyundai Eon engine block also save fuel efficient.


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