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2012 Nissan Juke save fuel
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Company Nissan recently continued to bring a wind of fresh air for small-size model’s crossover 2012 Nissan Juke. DCI 1.5 liter diesel engine, consumes just 4.9 ltr per 100 km fuel line combines when appearance on the 2012 Nissan Juke.

According to the Japanese car, the petrol engine version 1.6 liters and dCi 1.5 liters of diesel on the 2012 Nissan Juke are undergoing optimization program. In it, Nissan has revised its transmission ratio for the release version of the gearbox floor.

As a result, gasoline 1.6 liters consumption is only 6.0 liters of fuel on the combined and CO2 emissions at 139 g/km. The two figures correspond to dCi 1.5-liter diesel is on the line combined 4.9lit/100km and 129 g/km. Nissan said that, although accompanied by changes in the 2012 Nissan Juke but no change of price, at least in the UK market.

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