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2012 Honda Pilot price 28.470 USD
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After the first teaser image was released in July last, 2012 Honda Pilot was officially announced. Because the facelift version of 2012 Honda Pilot should be provided some structural upgrades and technical equipment.

New for first of the 2012 Honda Pilot is designed exterior. Typically as part front car with three bar grille completely new. Next to the headlight and tail lights improvements, the different alloy wheels in size 17 or 18 inch. In addition, the 2012 Honda Pilot also added length increased to 4861 mm. Meanwhile, high ground clearance reduced to 202 mm. Inside, 2012 Honda Pilot cluster new color owner, the black for sound control panel and seat upholstery difference. For the 2012 Honda Pilot also upgraded the sound system on the EX and EX-L and additional features Bluetooth hands-free connection.

“Heart” of the 2012 Honda Pilot is a block V6, 3.5 liter, produces 250 horsepower capacity. Engine with 5-level automatic instead of six levels as expected by many people. Combined with improvements in the chassis and aerodynamics of the car, the engine has cut fuel consumption. Specifically, the 2012 Honda Pilot driven two-bridge  version for driving fuel consumption 13.07 ltr per 100 km city, 9.41 ltr per 100 km highway and 11.2 ltr per 100 km combined. 3 the corresponding figure for the 4WD version is 13.84 ltr per 100 km, 9.8 ltr per 100 km and 11.76 km lit/100.










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