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2012 Honda Insight Hybrid reduce CO2 emissions
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Frankfurt 2011 exhibition will take place, is where fans have the opportunity to witness the launch of the 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid with Honda Civic Hatchback 5-doors for the European market. However, as of now, Honda just released information about the 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid.
Features special of 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid is the amount of CO2 emissions for the first time fall below 100 g/km. Specifically, opponents of the Toyota Prius emit only 96 g CO2 per kilometer. According to Honda, to achieve that, the company has equipped for the 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid stepless variable transmission CVT improved, reducing engine friction and air conditioning refrigeration system is new. These upgrades mentioned above and also help 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid to cut fuel consumption.

In terms of exterior design, the Honda hybrid cars are only providing some new features like bumpers and grille and front. Thinner tail wing allowed Honda to increase post-window area, thus improving vision. And yet, Honda’s engineers also adjustable suspension on the 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid to enhance stability and comfort. Meanwhile, the interior changes for limited more advanced material.

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