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Earlier in 2011, Hyundai was introduced to consumers i10 Blue models. Until now, Hyundai continues to complement the range save fuel in the UK market. Compared to the Style page similar engine, Hyundai I20 Blue has cut 14% of fuel consumption and 12% emissions by CO2.
Supplying power to Hyundai I20 Blue is block diesel engine CRDI turbocharged, 1.4 liter capacity, production capacity of 90 horsepower. Combined with the engine system is Intelligent Stop & Go (ISG), low rolling resistance tires and the rear spoiler. As a result, Hyundai I20 Blue only fuel consumption 3.7 ltr per 100 km combined. Compared to the Style equipped with similar, Hyundai I20 Blue has cut 14% of fuel consumption and 12% emissions by CO2, from 111 g / km down to 98 g / km.

The British market, Hyundai I20 Blue sold for 13,195 pounds (about $ 21,789). When you spend money on, the customer will own in the hands of a Hyundai I20 Blue equipped with alloy wheels 15 inch, Bluetooth connectivity system voice recognition, folding and heated electric mirrors, steering wheel controls, integrated stereo, USB port, AUX with air conditioning.

Hyundai i20 Blue price $ 21.789
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