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Chevrolet Spark preparation into the U.S. market
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In exhibition Detroit 2010, Chevrolet had its official launch the North American version of the Spark small car. At that time, the company introduced the Chevrolet Spark as version 2011. But then, Chevrolet Spark not chance to appear on the U.S. market.
Until now, said Mark Reuss, president of Chevrolet in North America, a new certification on Twitter about the future of Spark. Accordingly, the Chevrolet Spark will dock in the U.S. market in early or mid-2012 as version 2013. When available on the U.S. market, 5-door hatchback model will beneath Sonic, which allows Chevorlet attack all segments. Mr. Jason Laird, director of communications products GM North America Group, confirmed that. “The model cars minicar Spark will allow Chevrolet for the first time covers all market segments in the United States”, Laird said.
Previously, the group affirmed GM Spark will serve as a global model. Therefore, the Chevrolet Spark for the U.S. market is expected to also block 1.0-liter gasoline engine capacity of 66 horsepower and 1.2 liter, 78 horsepower capacity similar European version. Not only save fuel, the engine on the Chevrolet Spark is less harmful gas emissions. According to GM, Chevrolet Spark expected to consume less fuel to 5.9 ltr per 100 km on the highway. Thus, Spark has a competitive advantage with the 2012 Scion iQ.

Depending on the market, the safety system of the Chevrolet Spark will include air bags for driver and passengers, antilock brakes, electronic balance, 3 point safety belt …