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2012 Lexus CT 200h with Kits F Sport
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2012 Lexus CT 200h on the market last year as a completely new car. Therefore, the improvements for 2012 Lexus CT 200h version blurring. Highlights of changes for the 2012 Lexus 200h CT with accessories F Sport appeared as a concept back in October last year.
F Sport Kits consists of more rigid suspension, alloy wheels 17 inch and sleek new grille. Inside, 2012 Lexus CT 200h is equipped with steering wheel and leather shift lever, aluminum pedals with metal kit. And yet, the company also provides 2012 Lexus CT 200h version of the audio warning system for pedestrians and cyclists when running in electric mode. Besides the color gray pearl Nebula replace coal smoke Mica appeared on last year’s version.

Provide power for 2012 Lexus CT 200h is 1.8 liter gasoline and Toyota’s hybrid drivetrain. Total capacity to produce 134 horsepower, drive system on the Lexus hybrid car fuel consumption 5.47 ltr per 100 km highway, 5.88 ltr per 100 km city and 5.6 ltr per 100 km sugar combination. Thanks to the power, 2012 Lexus CT 200h can accelerate from 0-96 km/h in 9.8 seconds. Although not really powerful but 2012 Lexus CT 200h sport still make sense with the F Sport accessories.








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