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Toyota Innova 2012 improvement internal-exterior
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 Entering the 2012 version, Toyota Innova 2012 brings some minor improvements in terms of interior-exterior design. International car exhibition in Indonesia in 2011, Toyota has officially unveiled the facelift version of Innova, Capital fans are waiting so long.

First, to recognize the new nose on Toyota Innova 2012, suggesting associated “sibling” Camry facelift version. Evidence for the similarity is the shape of the grille and the wind and terrestrial niches. Rear, Toyota Innova 2012 provides redesigned tail lights are divided into three parts instead of two as before. Inside, Toyota Innova 2012 dashboard panel ownership differences. Wood is no longer surrounded central air conditioning holes the same. Instead, only two thin strips of wood surrounding the panel for air conditioning systems and entertainment. Besides the redesigned steering wheel.

When available on the market, Toyota Innova 2012 is divided into many versions as J, E, G, V, V Luxury and G Luxury. Provide power for Toyota Innova 2012 is a block 2.0-liter gasoline engine, comes with automatic transmission or the floor.























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