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Toyota Etios Liva hatchback price $8.914
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After Etios sedan, Toyota continues to stir the Indian market with five-door hatchback version called Liva. Recently, Toyota has unveiled its first hatchback in the Indian market called Etios Liva. Is 5-door version of the sedan Etios, Liva sell for 399,000 rupees ($ 8,914). Clearly, the maximum price “cheap” above, Toyota Etios Liva will entice customers hatchback cars like Maruti Swift and Nissan Micra.
Provide power for Toyota Etios Liva is 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.2 liter capacity, DOHC, production capacity of 80 horsepower and maximum torque of 104 Nm. Accompanied of engine is a 5-speed manual transmission. Toyota does not offer an automatic transmission option for Etios Liva. In addition, the Toyota rookie in the Indian market is also equipped with McPherson strut suspension in front and torsion axle behind. Meanwhile, front/rear turn comes and ventilated brake discs brake drums with 14-15 inch wheels.
Toyota Etios Liva specifically 3775 mm long and 1,695 mm wide. Itself wheelbase 2,460 mm of Etios Liva is also marginally better Swift 70 mm. As a result, Liva Etios dominate in terms of interior space, plus 251 liters of storage space. When available on the market, Toyota Etios Liva will be divided into four copies, including J, G, V and VX. The list of standard equipment of the lowest Toyota Etios Liva not too long, including air conditioning, resistance and the same body color, the clock of the digital meters, preventing cooling system and engine off. The G adds steering wheel nodded, adjusting power windows, central locking, lever interrupted power supply and 12V.
Next is the V with first disc CD/MP3/USB, warning systems and safety belt driver’s seat, heating the glass rear window, fog lights and the 12-spoke wheels. Finally, the VX is worth 599,000 rupees ($ 13,392) offered more interior space and two-tone, leather-wrapped steering wheel controls integrated sound system and lever door handles with chrome plating. Regarding safety feature, airbag, ABS brakes, EBD brake force assistance fitted option on Toyota Etios Liva G and standards for the V and VX.



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