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Porsche Cajun spy sketch
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 When available on the market, Porsche Cajun expected to compete with Range Rover Evoque 3-door. Recently, images on a computer sketch of Porsche Cajun has been leaked. If this is indeed the image of the Cajun, “rookie” of Porsche will compete with crossover coupe Range Rover Evoque 3-door. Similarly rookie from England, Porsche Cajun impressive curves and style low.

According to Autocar, here are two pictures sketch leaked from the headquarters of Porsche. Expected, Cajun is the first project where designer Walter de Silva contributed to Porsche. With structural engineering from Audi, Porsche Cajun will ship from the factory Leipzig.

Not only is equipped with similar platforms Q5, Porsche Cajun probably also borrowed block twin-turbo diesel engine, 3.0 liter capacity, production capacity of 309 kW and maximum torque of 479 lb-ft Audi’s. Accompanying the engine is expected to be 6-speed manual gearbox or automatic level 8. As planned, Porsche Cajun will have to wait until 2014 is officially released as version 2015.

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