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2013 BMW 7-Series spy shots
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Recently, 2013 BMW 7-Series has appeared on the road test as a prototype, and immediately entered the paparazzi lens. Through images of the 7-Series on the road test, could see flagship sedan in the BMW family does not change too much.
This is because the new features for 2013 BMW 7-Series are located in the dynamic system. The first is the headlight shape the same as the old version. However, BMW will add some highlights as LED lights for 2013 7-Series. In addition, BMW also offer LED headlights as completely as an option, similar to the new 6-Series. Structural engineering, 2013 BMW 7-Series is expected to own more powerful, from versions 740i (350 hp) and 750i (450 hp). Currently, temporary unknown BMW maintains 760i version equipped with a V12 or not.

All engine versions are combined with ZF gearbox 8 new levels. Besides some new EfficientDynamics features like brake energy regeneration, stop-start technology for motor control and electronic accessories. Expected, 2013 BMW 7-Series will be officially launched in Beijing 2012 exhibition opening screen next year. This is a testament to the attention of BMW in particular and the automotive world in general for the Chinese market.