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2013 Aston Martin DBS launch next year
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┬áMarket launch is expected late next year, 2013 Aston Martin DBS will get some more designs from One-77 supercar. Aston Martin DB9 supercar has been on the world market in the past 8 years. Meanwhile, DBS, the car was developed based on the DB9, has round 5 old. It can be said, is “life” is quite long for a car, especially when DB9/DBS to wait until at least 2015 new step in the process of comprehensive re-design.
To the fans are not bored, Aston Martin has decided to plan unveiled facelift version of the DB9. The first member of the DB9 receiving the “new wind” innovations is DBS feature high. In terms of design, DBS is expected to borrow some more from the One-77 supercar. Specifically, 2013 Aston Martin DBS is likely to be equipped with the new nose style redesigned grille, side air holes and sharp than veins.
Aston Martin DBS old version.

Not only refurbished exterior design, Aston Martin still care the space inside the DBS. Provides the power for 2013 Aston Martin DBS is expected to block V12 engine, 5.9 liter capacity, the capacity to produce 530 horsepower. Thus, compared with the previous version, 2013 DBS stronger 20 horsepower. As planned, 2013 Aston Martin DBS will be available starting in the market late next year. Then, DB9 will quickly on the heels DBS to continue to “make rain, the wind” in the segment of luxury sports cars.

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