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2012 Toyota Yaris appear in U.S. market later this year
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 The last months of 2011 is really worth the wait time for fans when the Toyota Camry and Yaris generation were released. The redesigned Toyota Yaris information is not too surprising, but fans still feel curious about when the new version of small car official  entered the market American.
As planned, the next generation Toyota Yaris will be available starting in the U.S. market later this year. Today, 2012 Toyota Yaris have begun to be distributed in Japan and Europe. In the old continent, 2012 Toyota Yaris is equipped with VVT-i petrol, 1.0 liter capacity and dual VVT-i, 1.33-liter capacity. Besides, there are D-4D diesel, 1.4 liter capacity.
During the meeting with the agent took place on 1/7 the past, Mr. Don Esmond, vice president of sales of Toyota, confirmed 2012 Yaris will soon landed the U.S. market. “New generation Yaris will be available in the U.S. Toyota dealers later this year”, Mr. Esmond said. Expected, 2012 Toyota Yaris will be equipped with interface 6.1-inch touch screen option and move the clock cluster position from the center console to the front of the driver. In addition, the 2012 Yaris version for the Japanese market also provided four-wheel drive system options.

Toyota said the interior space of the new generation Yaris will be widened, thereby bringing more comfort to the user. And yet, also owned 2012 Yaris quality improved and more mature style in the current version. This is probably essential to 2012 Toyota Yaris to compete with formidable rivals like the Ford Fiesta, Mazda2 and Hyundai Accent to appear on the market later this year.

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