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2012 Toyota Fortuner
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 2012 Toyota Fortuner for Asian markets also bring improvements to same 2012 Toyota Hilux appearance in the old continent. After 2012 Toyota Hilux unveiled at the European market, Toyota continues to bring joy to consumers in Asia by car Fortuner facelift version.

Not stopping there, Toyota also unveiled the Asian version of the Hilux pickup truck model named Vigo in Thailand. Both the Vigo and Fortuner possess traits similar design improvements 2012 Toyota Hilux European version. Specifically, 2012 Toyota Hilux Vigo and 2012 Toyota Fortuner is equipped with the front differential with chrome-plated grille edges with the new optional alloy wheels. Inside, Toyota Hilux Vigo and Fortuner provide redesigned meter cluster and upgrades on equipment.

In Thailand, 2012 Toyota Fortuner will take power from the diesel engine block, consists of 3.0 liter capacity and 163 bhp 2.5-liter, 144 horsepower capacity. In addition, mention gasoline 2.7-liter capacity, production capacity of 160 horsepower.












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