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2012 Honda Pilot improved grille
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In recent days, the Japanese car manufacturer Honda has continued to publish information “hot” about models car of the 2012 version. After publishing the first images of new-generation CR-V, Honda continues to reveal information about model SUV, 2012 Honda Pilot.
This is the facelift version of the second generation Honda Pilot after three years on the market since 2008. Score the most notable change on 2012 Honda Pilot is all-new grille on the nose. Compared with the previous version, 2012 Honda Pilot is equipped with a simple style grille and less fancy. In addition, 2012 Pilot also comes with new decorative accessories under
the grille and around the fog lights. Besides the new set of alloy wheels and exterior mirrors integrated quick taillights.

Currently, Honda has not released official information on the drivetrain of 2012 Pilot. However, according to some sources, Pilot improved version will use a 6-speed automatic transmission instead of the old level 5. Thus, 2012 Honda Pilot promises to be fuel efficient. Accompanying gearbox can is block V6, 3.5 liter, the capacity to produce 250 horsepower and maximum torque of 253 lb-ft. Finally, changes in the interior space with a navigation system and a new sound.

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