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2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
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 When the market, 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider will be equipped with folding steel roof. Is car instead of “elder” F430, Ferrari 458 Italia just a few months they released information about a roadster version started to spread in the online communities.
At that time, the media believes, roadster version called the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider convertible will be equipped with soft roof and officially launched in 2011. However, it seems company car Italia no agrees with the fans. Talking to reporters page Piston Heads, a local source said Ferrari, 458 Italia Spider will carry on his design folding steel roof. Previously, California was the first Ferrari car was the same design application. Now, in turn roadster version of 458 Italia.

Currently, Ferrari continues to discuss the material will be used for the 458 Italia Spider. Steel but lighter and simpler to use but lost the soul of Italy compared to vehicle glass material. In addition, to reduce the weight of 458 Italia Spider, Ferrari will likely be using carbon fiber.

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