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Toyota withdraw Prius – Venza and Sienna
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 A total of 52,050 Toyota Prius, Venza and Sienna withdrawn in the U.S. market. Since 2009, hurricane recovery seems to have never forgiven for the Toyota brand. This time, marks the largest automotive world continues to be recovered 52,050 Prius, Venza and Sienna at the North American market. In it, the Prius is withdrawn product lines with the largest number, 52,000 units. Toyota Sienna AWD and Toyota Venza AWD only recovered 34 and 16 units respectively.
2001 Toyota Prius
The Prius is recovered is distributed in North America between 2001-2003. It is caused by errors nut power steering gear shaft. Calculated on a global scale, around 106,000 Prius have been similar problems need to be recovered. “If the steering wheel continuously returned to the maximum steering angle position, able to wheel axle nut loose. If the car continues to operate in this situation, customers will have to put more force when turning left”,Toyota representative explained. As expected, the authorized dealer of Toyota will carry out repairs free of charge to the customer owns the car failed. Repair process lasted about 4 hours, depending on the work plan of each agent.
2011 Toyota Sienna
 “Do not sufficient heat treatment to the right-hand drive shaft at risk of rupture. If this happens, the engine will not be able to wheel makes driving the car stopped running”, explained Toyota. The recovery of the shaft due to the fault only affects the car Venza and Sienna in the U.S. and Canada.
2011 Toyota Venza

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