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Lotus Ethos price $47.874
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When the market in 2014, the production version of concept Lotus City Car vehicle is expected to be renamed Lotus Ethos. In the exhibition held Paris 2010 in October last year, Lotus has introduced its range of new vehicles. In addition to sports cars and supercars, Lotus also unveiled its concept car called the City Car. This is the result of collaboration between the Lotus brand and parent company Proton.
In the exhibition, City Car Concept showed exactly what fans expect from pretty small design, dynamic system plug-in hybrid, electric range with a short operation to cut production costs to the consistent feature of urban life. According to site CAR, its Lotus plans to produce about 1,500 to 1,800 units per year Car City. Ability to up mass production lines, the concept will get the name is Ethos instead of City Car same.
As planned, Lotus Ethos will sell for about 30,000 pounds (equivalent to $ 47,874) in the UK market. CAR Talking to reporters, Mr. Dany Bahar, CEO of Lotus, revealed Ethos will be divided into two versions, driver electric-powered or hybrid. Of course, those plans could change before Lotus Ethos appear on the market in 2014.




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