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Hyundai Veloster release 4-door version
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In Detroit 2011 show in January took place in the past, Hyundai has officially unveiled the rookie Veloster with unique designs 3 door. Wear your style on the design of the but Hyundai Veloster coupe was equipped with a side door Monday to add a passenger in the backseat. Only thing, compared to some rivals such as Volkswagen Golf, Hyundai Veloster less competitive in terms of convenience for the interior cavity 3 door. Perhaps this is why promoting birth Hyundai Veloster traditional 4-door version to attack the global market.
When talk to reporters site Carsale Network at Australia, he Eunjoo Shin, director of international product planning of Hyundai, has revealed plans to launch a four-door regular Veloster. Mr. Shin said, Veloster 4-door will be launched as a new global model of Hyundai.
Obviously, Hyundai Veloster 4-door will meet the needs of customers looking for a car with a handy rear seat. Currently, Mr. Shin has not revealed the specific time of launch of the Hyundai Veloster four-door version. Predict, at least one year after Veloster 3 doors on the market, the new version 4 of the oven with prices starting at about $ 25,000.