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Honda Fit Shuttle wagon price $19.943
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After a time delay as a result of the earthquake and tsunami day 11/3, Honda today officially launched the compact car wagon Fit Shuttle. When available on the Japanese market, the Honda rookie will be divided into two versions, including gasoline Fit Shuttle 15X and Fit Shuttle Hybrid.
The name Fit Shuttle 15X originated from the engine block i-VTEC, capacity of 1.5 liters under the hood. According to Honda, the process of testing showed that Fit Shuttle 15X fuel consumption is only 5.35liter/100km, equivalent to the standard Fit. If you want to buy a fuel-efficient cars than, Japanese customers can select on Fit Shuttle Hybrid. Application engine block i-VTEC 1.3lit and system Honda IMA, Fit Shuttle Hybrid  only “consume” fuel about 3.99lit/100km.
Two car on, be supply dynamic system 2 demand or 4 wheels. Inside the Honda new members is 5th place with interior storage compartment is quite spacious for their size. Honda Fit Shuttle rear seat can fold down to expand storage space. In addition, users also enjoy the convenience of home entertainment system Linkup Free and InterNavi. Using the 3G system, Linkup Free allows customers to transmit and receive data quickly in the trip. In Japan, Honda Fit Shuttle 15X price starts at 1,610,000 ¥  (approximately $ 19,943). Meanwhile, the corresponding figure of the Honda Fit Hybrid Shuttle is 1,810,000 ¥  (about $ 22,420).










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