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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid fuel economy
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With clusters of new lithium-ion battery and gearbox e-CVT, 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid promises to significantly improve the ability to save fuel. Since 2006 to date, Ford Fusion has never undergone a comprehensive refurbishment. Until now, local sources revealed the new Ford plans to launch an all-new Ford Fusion in early 2012.
According to Ford Inside News, 2013 Fusion Hybrid will only amount of fuel consumed from 4.9 – 5.0 lit/100km. This achievement is significantly improved compared with 5.7 lit/100km of the Fusion Hybrid current version. Yes it is thanks to the combination of many new details, especially the decision to switch to lithium-ion clusters and e-CVT gearbox fuel economy for Fusion Hybrid of brand Ford.
Besides, the appearance of new generation hybrid version is also slightly different from the entire line of 2013 Ford Fusion, the same strategy that the Hyundai Sonata has been applied. Study by the Ford Mondeo, Ford Fusion is a new generation of global cars. It is known that both the Ford Fusion and Mondeo are application platforms CD4.Brand Ford trust Fusion is a product that will draw more customers. Even Ford also expects sales of the Fusion, a new generation will grow by 50% and reached more than 30,000 units a month. If the information on the true, the 2013 Ford Fusion promises to become an important competitor of the Toyota Camry.

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