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2012 Audi A6 price $41.700
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After the debut in 2011 Detroit, new Audi A6 is ready available in U.S. dealerships next month with a $ 41,700 sale price. 2012 Audi A6 equipped with a low drive system before and infinitely variable transmission CVT which is not feeling too interesting for the user.
Besides the engine block 4 cylinder, turbocharged, 2.0-liter volume capacity to produce 211 horsepower. Of course, those who are not too interested in driving the Audi A6 features the lowest is really an attractive option.
Instead, standard equipment for 2012 Audi A6 is quite full. Just spent $ 41,700 amount of A6, lowest version the customers have the opportunity to own Premium package with leather-wrapped steering wheel multifunction, automatic headlights, modern lighting system, cruise control system process, three zones of air conditioning systems and entertainment information MMI Radio Plus accompanying 6.5 inch screen. If higher requirements in terms of performance, customers should pay attention to 2012 Audi A6 version equipped with a TFSI engine, 6 cylinder, 3.0 liter capacity, a capacity of 310 horsepower, parallel with Tiptronic automatic transmission 8 levels and 4-wheel drive Quattro system. Price for TFSI 3.0 reached $ 49,900.
Both versions can be upgraded to Premium Plus package includes infotainment screen larger, 18 inch alloy wheels, systems, mobile data connectivity and radio HD. All bundled accessories package worth $ 4,220. In addition, Audi offers a Prestige package for the A6 the TFSI 3.0. With 18 wheels inch text V unique 4 zone air conditioning, adaptive headlight control and interior lighting as LED, packages Prestige “consumed” by customers add $ 6,880.

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