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Toyota seriously reduce the credibility
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Prestige brands of the world’s largest car fell from 18 to position 139 in the survey done by the Prophet. In recent years, car brands in the world has experienced many waves, from soaring gasoline prices and withdraw to the economic downturn. Until now, most car manufacturers are recovered with impressive speed, as evidenced by sales and profit results.
To find out the prestige of the brand, recently, consulting firm Prophet 4900 survey conducted by U.S. consumers about 145 companies operating in 18 different areas. Results obtained showed that the majority of automotive brands are higher than previously assessed. Leading car manufacturers of the level of prestige as BMW and Honda. Both brands have entered the top 50 most prestigious brands of Prophet. Ford ranked 60th, higher than 12 spots from 2009. Meanwhile, GM is the leader most have come a long jump from position 123 to 85. There are achievements that in part thanks to new images with more environmentally friendly, through the Chevrolet Volt electric car. After brand marks a child, corporate America’s largest car ready to focus on improving the quality and reliability of the car.Brand surprising thing about this level of decline as Toyota. With a series of recovery in large numbers in recent years, Toyota has reduced the prestige from 18 to position 139, near the end 2010-2011 list of the Prophet.