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Nissan GT 370Z specifically for market UK
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Japanese car company, Nissan has launched the GT 370Z version specifically for the UK market. Built and developed based on the standard GT 370Z, 370Z is a special 40th anniversary product formed UK subsidiary Nissan. Accordingly, the GT 370Z special 3 colors available include White Pearl, Black Kuro and Black Rose.
On the lid there are ca po striped ribbed-point difference compared with the standard and equipped with 19 inch alloy wheels. Inside the car is fitted behind the camera, GPS navigation system and suspension system last generation. The strength of the car is taken from block 3.7L V6 engine capacity 328 hp (241 kW / 324 hp), maximum torque of 363 Nm (268 lb-ft). Acceleration from 0 – 100km in 5.3 seconds duration. The maximum speed reached 250 km/h. Under the plan, Nissan GT 370Z will be available in special agents in early June and prices are given as £ 35,000.



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