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Mazda RX-9 Coupe new sports
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Inspired by designs from “elder” RX-7, model sports coupe RX-9 will application engine rotate new generation of Mazda. According to local sources, the company now Mazda is developing new sports coupe called the RX-9 is based on the prototype RX-7 which had stopped production in 2002. Therefore, the RX-9 will not apply 4-door coupe styling but complex facilities like RX-8.
Instead, the RX-9 will be shared with car chassis MX-5 roadster and the new generation owns about 1,250 kg weight. Energy supply for RX-9 is the Mazda motors 16X cubic capacity, 1.6 liter turbocharged application of electricity to produce up to 300 bhp. Moreover, a new type of engine rotation on RX-9 also saves fuel. Mazda RX-8 itself was “death” earlier this year because the engine does not meet standards for fuel consumption and emissions EuroV.
Earlier, the RX-8 also promptly gained some successes. In 2003, Mazda has sold about 10,000 units RX-8 in the UK. Until now, the RX-8 cars to the UK consumer has reached about 50,000 units. Currently, Mazda is considering its story should use gasoline or hydrogen to operate the engine 16X. Mazda will continue its faithful engine turn design  helped win the Le Mans race in 1991.

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