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Ferrari Superamerica 45
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Under the plan, Ferrari Superamerica 45 will be officially unveiled at the show Villa d’Este Concours d’Eleganza took place at the weekend. This is a special car was launched under the orders of an American billionaire. Ferrari firm again demonstrated the ability to produce ordered his car with the special edition and uniquely named Superamerica 45. Basically, this car is made ​​to order of billionaire and also collectors Peter Kalikow from New York, USA. The purpose of the Superamerica 45 was is celebrating 45 years born of Kalikow he first bought a Ferrari car in 1961.
Was developed based on the Ferrari 599, created Superamerica 45 point difference in the relative order and roof made ​​of carbon fiber. Combined with glass back window, roof reminiscent suggestive “elder” 575 Superamerica. Previously, the company also unveiled the Ferrari version of the open hood of the 599 limited quantity called Aperta. Only thing, Aperta were fitted with a simple roof over Superamerica 45.
The other order details appear on the Superamerica 45 includes two holes before the wind on the wings, grille and chrome-plated cylinder A, mirrors and door handles in polished aluminum. Italy supercar samples are not two coats over their “set off” the blue Blu Antille with a 1961 Ferrari 400 Superamerica convertible Kalikow’s billionaires. Lazang alloy itself was painted similarly. Meanwhile, the same roof accessories like carbon fiber front wind splitter, wing parties and the accompanying diffusion following are dark blue. Currently, the company has not announced Ferrari official photos of the interior space inside the Superamerica 45. Just know that the blue color will continue to appear within a unique model car, with leather Cuoio and carbon fiber Blu Scuro.

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