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Ferrari opened agents in India
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During the opening ceremony the first Ferrari agent in India, CEO Amedeo Felisa and director of brand marketing Enrico Galliera supercar Italy attended. This is the 58th of Ferrari dealers across the world. After opening the first dealer, Ferrari will distribute its full range of its products in Indian market, from California, 458 Italy, 599 GTB Fiorano, FF. In it, cars with prices “cheap” is the Ferrari California with about 22 million rupees, equivalent to $ 485,300. The most expensive member of the Ferrari cars in India is FF priced 34.1 million rupees (about $ 752,000).
“Before, we had a target to penetrate the Indian market in 2011. Therefore, I am happy today opened the first Ferrari agent in India”, he said Felisa. “We feel this is the appropriate time to join the Indian market, based on the situation in the country and the economy. Even if we do not open agent in India, has about 50 customers Ferrari owners”. Within three years, the company Ferrari is expected to open a number of other agents in India.