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BMW i3 Prices $ 35,000
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Not officially available in the market but BMW i3 has revealed the starting price. Name BMW i3 is now no longer so strange to cars fans. After set up the brand new BMW was quick to disclose information about the two rookies i3 & i8. If i8 is a hybrid in the ranks of the i3 city car powered by electric energy.
“Heart” of BMW motor i3 is placed between the battery and clusters underlying floor. The starting selling price for BMW i3 falls between $ 35,000, according to an internal source in Munich, Germany. With 150 horsepower, BMW i3 can remain active for about 257 kilometers by electricity power and reached a maximum speed of 161 km/h. Some sources said the volume of storage compartment pretty small car BMW new family reached 399 liters.
BMW plans to produce about 40,000 units a year by i3 assembly line new dedicated Leipzig. More particularly, the rookie BMW promises the emergence of a large amount of carbon fiber, namely the passenger compartment. Battery technology cluster located beneath the floor of BMW i3 is borrowed from Rolls-Royce 102EX concept ever introduced in the 2011 exhibition in Geneva in March this year. Besides, BMW has developed a wireless charging system 3.6 kWh for new members i3. As planned, the technology will be introduced to BMW in June in the capital to Berlin, Germany.
BMW i3 on road test



Photo by motorauthority & caranddriver

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