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2012 Toyota Innova leaked photo
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Pictures “stolen” 2012 Toyota Innova in Indonesia has given fans the first look of the new version of MPV cars hit. Through images of the 2012 Toyota Innova on the road test, can identify a number of small changes on the new version. Most obviously, headlights and grille. Even the style of the 2012 Toyota Innova also improved somewhat. Compared with current version, 2012 Toyota Innova is equipped with a vertical grille, which brings less bold nature designs for vans hood. Also, not to mention the new headlights and fog lights prolonged and drag and then a difference. According to some sources, 2012 Toyota Innova clusters will be equipped with parking sensors as an option.
Instead of exterior appearance, interior space 2012 Innova have many new improvements to meet the needs of customers. Expected, 2012 Toyota Innova will provide materials and furniture more beautiful than the clock cluster. In addition, Toyota also uses the layout to take advantage of space for 2012 Innova, especially chair the 3rd row. Some sources say Toyota will try to provide a comfortable 3rd row seats, spacious and practical than the 2012 Innova to match road trip with the school. Expected, Toyota Innova new version will be available starting in mid-2012.



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