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2012 Honda CR-V on road test
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This is the first picture of 2012 Honda CR-V on the road test. Not long ago, Honda had to admit the conversion plans to launch a new generation CR-V for lack of parts and assembly after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on 11 / 3. However, Honda does not mean you stop the process of developing 2012 CR-V. In fact, Honda has been busy preparing for the launch date of eligibility for 2012 CR-V to market. The first pictures of 2012 Honda CR-V on the road test is the most obvious evidence.
Honda CR-V disguised nose and tail. However, overall, is still photos on the track gives fans look pretty clear about Honda CR-V generation. Scores on the latest 2012 CR-V is probably the tail lights with a cluster expansion to take head D version is similar in style but brought sexy associated with Volvo cars. According to the paparazzi, armed with the Honda CR-V new extension is to create more space for the 3 chair row. However, many had predicted, the last chair row on the 2012 CR-V will not very extensive. Power supply for the Honda rookie is expected to be a powerful engine choices and fuel economy than the 2.4 VTEC today. Most likely, the assembly line 2012 Honda CR-V will start at boot factory Honda’s first Ohio and Ontario this winte

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