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2012 Honda CR-V new version
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This fall will be the time that fans were witnessing the birth of the Honda CR-V 2012 version. Since its birth in 2006 until now, the Honda CR-V has become a preferred choice of many customers worldwide. In the positive business results of the Honda, can not forget the significant contribution from the CR-V. Even in last March, sales of Honda CR-V also more than 40% compared with the “hometown” Toyota RAV-4.
To maintain the success of the CR-V, Honda is no way other than improvement solutions for the new version. According to Honda, the new CR-V will officially launch in late 2011, namely the fall, as a 2012 version. When present in the market in the future, Honda CR-V 2012 is expected to significantly improve the ability to save fuel. At present, two bridge-drive vehicles are Honda’s fuel consumption of 11.2 lit/100 km city and 8.4 lit/100 km highway , according to results from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA announced .
However, fans will not be able to see the power beneath the hood new 2012 Honda CR-V because just look at 2012 Honda Civic can deduce that. Unveiled in New York Exhibition 2011, 2012 Honda Civic is equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission instead of 6 as the majority of its segment rivals. Predicted capacity of the Honda CR-V will not be little more than a few compared to the current 180 horsepower. In the future, not just Honda, but also many other brands also plan the birth of prominent small-sized crossover. So, certainly well prepared Honda CR-V for a competitive strategy is strong enough to knock the opponent. If maintained his conservative philosophy, Honda probably would have tasted defeat.

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