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Value of Ferrari brand $7.3 Billion
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This is a subjective estimate of Mr. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Group, the parent company of Ferrari. People love cars all know Ferrari is one of the brands, unique and admirable in the world. However, not everyone can be estimated for specific values ​​of the Ferrari brand. According to Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat, Ferrari brand value of more than 5 billion euros, or about $ 7.3 billion. This is a big figure for the Italian supercar brand. In 2010, pretax profit was up 23% of Ferrari to the $ 430 million in total revenue 2.73 billion.
Nothing suspicious when Ferrari confirmed that marks the most profit for the Fiat Group. Ferrari earned the money that makes up 63% of total sales of both the Fiat Group in 2010. The reason Mr. Marchionne is rated as Ferrari brand very important. If his estimates are accurate Marchionne value of the Ferrari brand will be almost 17 times annual revenue. On average, the only brand of luxury property value was 12.7 times annual revenue.
CEO at Fiat Group, the parent company of Ferrari, so he naturally Marchionne will appreciate the value of the brand “horse constellation. ” Meanwhile, according to analysts, the Ferrari brand only worth about $ 4.3 billion. Currently, banks are eager to urge the Fiat Group to issue shares for initial public (IPO) for Ferrari. Previously, Fiat had been considering IPO for Ferrari as a way to make money and cover debt. Also, in an interview with Bloomberg reporter, Mr. Marchionne also mention ordering a Ferrari FF White. Under the plan, Ferrari will begin delivering samples FF 4 seats car to customers next month for $ 359,000 USD.