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New Kia Cee’d competition with the Volkswagen Golf GTI
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Kia is planning to develop a new hatchback model to compete directly with the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Kia’s leadership has confirmed to Autocar correspondent on the birth of a new high-performance cars. “We are preparing the oven line supercharged engine”, said Soon-Nam Lee, director of marketing at the company’s overseas markets, Kia, said. “We are improving the suspension and to plan the birth of the Volkswagen Golf GTI rival”.
According to Autocar, rookie which he Soon-Nam refers is the next-generation Kia Cee’d with designs influenced by the Koup concept, first unveiled in New York exhibition in 2008. Next year, five-door model Kia Cee’d will move into the 4 th birthday and must be replaced. Expected, the underlying block engine is Cee’d GTI Theta II turbocharged, 2.0-liter capacity which is equipped for the latest generation Kia Optima in the U.S.. However, instead of two numbers 274 horsepower, 269 lb-ft similar to “elder” Optima, Kia will only recruits the capacity to produce 220-230 horsepower.

For Kia, in 2012 it will be time to start delivering the sports car than to create accents different from “the brothers” Hyundai. “We will consider the number of production so that the most economical”, said Thomas Oh, COO senior vice president of Kia, said. In addition, Mr Soon-Nam also confirmed plans to assemble a new convertible model. “In Europe, especially Germany and the UK, customers are very popular convertible cars, especially in the spring. We are planning to introduce a new roadster model based on the Soul in 2014″, said Soon-Nam explained.Via: Autocar

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