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New Audi Q6 Coupe compete with BMW X6
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Audi is now planning to develop an SUV-style new coupe is expected to be called the Q6. Under the plan, Audi Q6 will be born to compete directly with the “hometown” BMW X6 already reaped many successes in the market with sales over 110,000 units.
Expected, the new Audi Q6 base pedestal chassis applications like Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. While not providing spacious storage compartment with “elder” Audi Q7, but the rookie has the strength of eye-catching designs.
According to the outline image, Audi Q6 will carry on their exterior characteristics similar to Q7. However, Q6 create focal points in different roof slopes down to the coupe suggestive association. Meanwhile, headlight and hood back wing influence from Audi A7. Inside, Q6 will be equipped with front seat no less widely Q7. However, because the roof slopes to the rear just enough room for two people to sit separately. Self storage compartments also shrunk.
Even some people hope will Q6 application block V8 engine, supercharged, 4.0 liter capacity which is rumored to S6 and Bentley Continental GT. This is totally wish there was basis for the widely distributed BMW X6 M 547 bhp power market. Currently, these are cars like the X6 won the hearts of many consumers in the Chinese market. Thus, many had predicted, the new Audi Q6 released in 2011 exhibition in Shanghai later this month as the concept. Then, the production version of Audi Q6 landed agents will end next year.

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