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Audi Q3 the first images
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Before Shanghai 2011 exhibition officially opened, Audi revealed pictures of the official outlines new small SUV Q3. Through pictures outlines, can be clearly seen from Q3 heavily influenced by the Cross Coupe Quattro concept car that Audi had unveiled in 2007.
However, the nose of Q3 production version seems to have changed with the slim headlights and lasts. Meanwhile, the tail back many details remain to appear on the concept, except the window corner.
Inside, Audi Q3 own a few similarities with the Cross Coupe Quattro, as the typical style steering wheel and the clock cluster. Add to that the changes appear on the panel to shift the center with more pragmatic. As planned, the new recruits will be produced at Audi’s factory Seat’s Martorell set in Spain. Pedestal chassis provides the basis for the Volkswagen Tiguan Audi Q3. Some sources said the new Audi Q3 will start landing at European dealers in autumn this year, particularly in September, or 10, depending on the market.
In addition, sources confirmed, Audi Q3 will be equipped with three engine choices. The first type is TFSI, capacity 2.0 liters, 170 horsepower capacity, accompanied by a 6-speed manual box and emits 172 g CO2 per kilometer. Monday is the TFSI engine, capacity 2.0 liters, 211 horsepower capacity, parallel with the S Tronic gearbox and CO2 emissions at 184 g / km. Finally, TDI diesel, capacity 2.0 liters, 170 horsepower capacity, combined with the S Tronic gearbox and produces 158 g CO2 per kilometer.