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2011 Lexus LF-Gh Concept
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New York 2011 Exhibition takes place next week, will be officially unveiled the location of the Lexus LF-GH concept completely new. Before attending the exhibition in New York 2011, Lexus has unveiled its secret concept car LF-GH. Is a hybrid sports sedan, luxury, LF-GH gives an overview of current design trends of the next generation Lexus.
Although luxury brands on the payroll, but Toyota has not confirmed, but many fans still believe that, LF-GH will inspire its design Lexus GS cars instead. This is also an identified basis for the similarity in size between the two Lexus cars. Specifically, the LF-term GH 4889 mm, width 1869 mm and 1450 mm high. Besides, a 2849 mm wheelbase. Meanwhile, the respective numbers of GS 4843 mm, respectively, 1821 mm, 1424 mm and 2849 mm. The company said Lexus, LF-GH ownership style design “the perfect combination between hard and soft, strong and gentle. ” Needless to say, just a glance, fans will also recognize the new concept model influenced Lexus LF-A supercar, from styling headlight / grille behind the front.
“For too long, customers have been waiting on its Lexus unveiled a concept so outstanding”, said Mark Templin, vice president and general manager Lexus brand, said. “We are waiting for feedback from the fans to incorporate some design features on the LF-GH in the future Lexus cars”. Currently, Lexus has not announced its more specific image of the interior space within the new concept. According to the company Lexus, LF-A plays an important role in the process of designing the cockpit and dashboard panel of the concept. “Interior space in the LF-GH is designed to meet the needs of customers who know the true quality and special attention to small details”.










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